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What our customers are saying

Thank you for helping Mom get up and walking again. We really appreciate you caring and your nursing skills.

The Monroe's

Thank you so much for all who cared for my mom during the last several months. It was such a comfort to know there were kind people like you seeing to her comfort and care. Thank you also for the beautiful plant you sent to the service. We appreciate you all so much. God bless!

The Moore's

Walker Companion Services was such a blessing to us and we can't thank you enough. Please pass our gratitude along to each person that played a role in caring for our dad over the past several months. A special thanks to Stephanie who seemed to figure dad out early on and formed a special connection. He may not have always shown it, but thought the world of each care-giver.

Thank you for the lovely plant and more importantly the care you provided for Dad and Mom the last couple months. It was a great comfort to us kids - that we had help at night. And mom was not alone. And although your staff is great - Tawanna is/was exceptional. She fit in with our family perfectly. And continues to be a great help with Mom. Thank you for being available to us. And please share with Tawanna our Special Thanks!

Words do not describe how thankful we are to each of you. All of you cared for our mom, as if she was your own. In her own way, she truly learned to trust you & depend on you - and so did we. Thank you is not enough, but it is a start, to tell you how we feel. Thank you Christi, for coming to her service & for the flowers.

Much love.

The Reynolds, Sellers, and Slagel's. 

What Our Employees Say

"Walker Companion Services is an amazing group of people that make me feel like family. It is a pleasure to work for a company that is growing in a positive direction and strives to provide top-notch patient care. My co-workers and management team are always available and care about my success. I can call anyone for help and they are happy to give their time to help me be the best at my job. "

Sherry Mitchell, APRN-CNP

What I like about Walker Companion’s is everyone is always in a great mood and the residents are so sweet and precious. Working here has made me come out of my shell a lot more so I thank y'all for that! Great workplace!! Amber O.

Christi, Just a note to say "Thank you!" for all you do for Everyone! You do a Great Job!

Thanks for just being you!

p.s. You always inspire me to do a better job and further my nursing career.